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Introducing: Fix-The-Mix™ Free Challenge

Struggling to achieve the sound in your head? This free 3-day live event will help you improve the quality of your mixes and masters — and turn frustration into satisfaction.


This is a 3-day, live challenge that’s going to help you fix your mix...

So you can finally achieve the sound you have in your head — and get more satisfaction and self-confidence from your music.

How? By leveraging objective knowledge & techniques to identify exactly what’s wrong with your mix.

By the end, you'll be able to hear and identify problems better (with less trial and error) and improve the "first shot" translation of your mixes and masters.


In just 3 days, our goal is to create a noticeable improvement in the quality of your mix.


We’ll walk you through the entire process while you follow along, implementing what you learn.


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"I gotta say, I learned more practical material here in a few months than I did at a 4 year university"

Kevin Koelzer — Acoustic Guitarist & Audio Engineer


Caleb Loveless is a 25-year veteran in the industry and co-owner of Slowave Studios and Black Fox Mastering. Caleb has worked as a songwriter, producer and mix/mastering engineer for charting artists, some of the world’s largest brands and major film/TV studios.

Jake Kodweis is a music producer, songwriter, and educator. Jake signed his first record label deal in 2005, has licensed over 1,500 tracks, and helped thousands of artists achieve their true potential and build their music careers.

"I want to thank you guys, the puzzle in my head fell into place and the big picture started to make sense to me."

Georgi Dechev — Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting.

DAY #1: Prep, Edit, Volume

On day 1, we’re going to demonstrate how you can use mastering to push back on your mixes. We'll also cover prepping your session to guarantee a seamless workflow.
Learn our reverse methodology for learning production.
The truth about clipping and managing your mixes.

An effective producer is a prepared producer.

DAY #2: EQ, Compression, Reverb 

On day 2, we’re going to show you how to identify the root problems in the mix — and give you some heavy-hitting mixing concepts to fix these.
Why volume balancing should be your go-to fix.

Getting loud, punchy mixes without sacrificing dynamic range.
Prevent your mix from sounding muddy or thin.

DAY #3: Vocal Mixing

On day 3 we’re going to walk you through one of the most crucial parts of the production process: vocal mixing.

Then you’ll go away and compare your final mix to your original mix to see how much of an improvement you’ve made.
Get a full breakdown of how to mix vocals consistently.
Then we'll peel back the curtains on a live master.
See the result of focusing on the objective first.

Ready to break out of the INTERMEDIATE plateau?

the challenge

  • Unsure why your mixes don't sound right.
  • Overwhelmed with all the info on YouTube.
  • No idea what to focus on to take your mixes from good to great.
  • Your music isn't getting any traction.
  • You're struggling to find clients who will pay you well.

the challenge

  • You know exactly what to do to fix your mix.
  • You know what information you can ignore.
  • You know exactly what to focus on to improve.
  • The increase in the quality of your music leads to more exposure.
  • Your portfolio improves and you attract better clients.

"More useful than anything I've consumed in the past 2/3 years I've been producing"

Cormac Paul — Self-Producing Artist

You got questions? We have answers.

What if my mix is too bad to be fixed?
If anything, the earlier you are in your journey, and the further your mixes are from a pro standard... the bigger the improvement you're going to see.

Equally, if your mix is 90% of the way there, and you've been searching for that last 10% - objective analysis will help you figure out exactly what's missing.
My room isn't acoustically treated, does that matter?
Having a good room will certainly help you identify what's wrong with your mix. That's why room tuning is a major part of our flagship program, The Reverse Engineer™. 

But just like training your ears, there are stages to this process. You don't need a perfect room to significantly improve your mixes. You should continue to improve the quality of your work while gaining new knowledge IN TANDEM with improving on your room over the long-term. Otherwise, you'll get stuck on your room and won't make any progress until you have the "perfect" setup... which we both know doesn't really exist.
Can't I just figure this out on my own?
How has that worked for you so far? Sure, you could learn eventually this stuff through repetition and practice... but it's going to take you decades to get to the same point as everyone else. Instead of reinventing the wheel, it's much quicker to learn from somebody else's experience and mistakes.
I don't have time to do ear training before the challenge - will I still benefit?
We'll show you techniques that don't rely on your having great hearing. 

Yes, ear training is incredibly important. But you can still drastically improve your mixes while you're working on your hearing over the long-term.
Is this for a specific genre or type of music?
No, what you're going to learn is totally agnostic to the genre of music. 

Remember, it's mastering the SCIENTIFIC aspect of music production that's important. Once you do that, you have the building blocks for any genre or type of music.
What DAW are you going to use?
It doesn't matter - the techniques you use are the exact same in all DAWs. You'll be able to follow along regardless of which DAW you use.
Am I going to need a bunch of expensive software/plugins to see results?
No. Better gear will certainly help BUT the first step is developing your knowledge and skills. 

Only after that should you think about upgrading your gear. That way, you're using it to it's full potential, instead of having a bunch of expensive gear you don't actually know how to use.

"Second time through Fix-The-Mix. So much value from the brilliant minds behind FTM challenge. I was not paid to say this."

M. Dallas W. — San Diego, CA.

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